Transporting a washing machine

Transporting a washing machine

The first delivery of the washing machine is normally carried out at the time of its purchase. However, you do not have to worry about the security of the property in this case. The appliances are safely packed when they are delivered to ensure they won’t be damaged in transit. The transportation method is the most efficient since you won’t need to spend your time searching for moving companies and generally you pay for the delivery – the selling company will take care of everything on your behalf, ensuring that the house is safe.Also, you can always order movers by clicking on the link:

Naturally, when you move a used washing machine on your own, the process is much more complicated since you must ensure the safety of your machine and ensure its safe transportation.

Making the washer ready for transport

Packaging is the first and most important step. The washing machine should be placed in the box that it came from, then fill the whole space with plastic or foam foam. If you don’t have a washing machine box and other components of its transport, as is often the case, attempt to think of an alternative that is suitable for them.

To set up your washing machine properly and safely for transport, follow this plan:

  • Make sure to cover all parts exposed to protect anyone from getting injured while moving the washer.
  • Be sure that there are no liquids have been left in the washing machine. It is important to check the drain pump, pipes, and hoses for water.
  • In order to ensure the transportation is uninterrupted, all hoses, hatches and wires should be securely fastened.
  • It is crucial to separate the hose from the power grid and water pipes. It may sound ridiculous and crazy, but there were cases where people did not remove the hoses from the vehicle during transport.

After you’ve done that the tank is now time to fix the tank. We recommend using shipping bolts for this task. If they get lost the best option is to make do with your own materials. Remove the bolts which secure the top panel. Fill the space left empty with cloth foam rubber or foam, place the panel back in its original place and secure it. It is now safe to use the tank.

Secure the doors with duct tape or rope, even if they’re fastened. Secure a rope around the washing machine by using a cloth. The drain tube can be rolled up and secure it using the duct tape. Wrap it with a cloth or a soft cloth.

How do you move the washing machine?

The ideal location for transporting the washing machine is upright in the event that you’ve secured the drum and tank. It is acceptable to transport the machine with it on its side in the event that it is positioned to move within the truck.

After you have packed and prepared the washer, it is ready to be loaded into the car. Let’s take a look at the options for how you can load the appliance. If you take the machine down the stairs, it’s position must be upright. If that isn’t possible, you can tilt it slightly forward.

If the washer is to be carried in the back of trucks, it’s simple to load it. What about transporting appliances in a saloon car like a saloon car?

In these instances, the transportation of the machine needs to be done as follows:

  • The back panel.
  • On the side
  • Upright

It is recommended to dry the equipment so as not to harm the electronic components, and if you didn’t fasten the tank and drum in a snug fit of all parts by means of soft materials in order to avoid breakage.

Consequences of improper transportation

The washing machine breaking down and its failure is one of the most depressing effects of transport. Here are a few possible outcomes of improper transportation

  • The Air conditioner compartment is cracked and falling out;
  • broken hatch;
  • drain pump failure;
  • broken case;
  • a broken shock absorber, etc.
  • Control panel malfunction
  • Torn hoses
  • electronics failure;

Are we likely to have to discuss possible consequences for the owner of the washer in the event of a breakdown? Do not take chances and make sure that you’ve done everything necessary to prepare your home and property for transport. It is also possible to contact experts to coordinate the transportation of your washing machine within the city.

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