Karlisle Honore

In my 15 years at “I Have A Dream”, I have served in several roles, including Program Director for the Ravenswood II Program in Queens, NY for over 10 years and Director of College and Career Success for IHDF-NY for 4 years. In those roles I provided a year-round program of academic and social support to school-aged youth and counseled students and families on the college application process. I also co-created the college-going and persistence program and managed IHDF-NY’s tuition assistance support for Dreamers.

In my current role as Director of Postsecondary Success, I support the postsecondary goals and efforts of the National IHDF Office, including hosting staff collaborative workshops and developing and managing education, employment, and enrichment opportunities for Dreamers across the network. My work is informed by cultural sensitivity, communication, strong sense of identity, community, empathy, and respect.

I am a native New Yorker who has lived and worked here my entire life. I am an avid reader, a plant mom, and a cake/pastry/bread fiend. I also love visiting state and national parks

My Current Theme Song: Electric Lady – Janelle Monae