Fenton Joseph

Fenton Joseph is the founder and owner of Olive Branch Digital, a web design agency based in
Larchmont, NY. A self-professed “Brand Whisperer,” Fenton has been called a communications
Swiss army knife with a heart for people and a gift for articulating nuance and substance
through design. His company Olive Branch Digital specializes in helping nonprofits and for profit
companies alike create compelling and effective websites. Notable clients include The
Guggenheim Foundation and music icons Salt N Pepa.

His handiwork can be found at almost any intersection of media, technology, and marketing.
Prior to founding Olive Branch Digital in 2014, Fenton managed large-scale digital marketing
projects for global pharmaceutical brands, oversaw corporate communications for a nationwide
mortgage lender, co-founded the world's first Black-owned microphone company, and produced
music for chart-topping artists. He continues to produce and license music professionally and
counts well-known brands like Google, Ford, Apple, and E-Trade as clients.

Fenton has produced a weekly business podcast targeting young entrepreneurs and
businesspeople since 2018. Ranked in the top 0.5% of over 3 million podcasts, the “School’s
Over…Now What?” podcast provides the audience with tools and information to get started on a
path towards starting the career, or business of their dreams. He also co-hosts “Products of
Circumstance”, a weekly podcast that discusses mental health through the lens of Black men.

Fenton is a proud Dreamer alum (Old Westbury cohort, class of ‘99) and an active member of
the Dreamer Alumni Council. He currently holds the position of President of the Alumni Council
and previously held the position of VP of Internships and Employment Opportunities. He
currently resides in Westchester, New York with his wife and young daughter.