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Over the course of our 35+ year history, the “I Have a Dream Foundation” has impacted over 18,000 young people (Dreamers) from communities around the country and world. But our work is not done! As we approach our 40th anniversary we see a tremendous opportunity and need for our program in more cities. There are a number of benefits to starting a program in your city.

For young people our program provides a unique long-term approach that will support students every step of the way from elementary school through college.
Communities that have had a “I Have a Dream” program have also benefitted immensely. Beyond just having community service programs and volunteer opportunities, we have seen that having an “I Have a Dream” program has helped many communities come together to create a longstanding network of support that not only supports the Dreamers but other young people in the community.

If you are interested in starting an “I Have a Dream” program in your city as a financial supporter, Board Member, Executive Director, or Program Director please read the steps below and contact us for more information.

Where we are & where we're going

We work in areas where the need is greatest, and we work with a whole class or school—in other words, we do not “cherry pick” based on grades or ability. Yet with 51% of students in U.S. public schools considered “low income”—that’s 25 million students—we are working hard to reach even more communities. In fact, our goal is to actively serve 10,000 Dreamers by the year 2020.

View the map below to see the states with the lowest median household incomes, and new program sites that are in progress. As you can see, there are still so many communities that need our support. Contact us to discuss how we can work together to expand to your city.

= current "I Have A Dream" programs

= new program sites in progress


  • “To be a dreamer is to have fun, get help when you need it, like writing and reading, and be yourself.”

    -Essence, 4th Grade Dreamer

  • “To not get overwhelmed a lot, I come to Dreamers events to catch a break, change gears, and focus on something else. I clear my head in order to keep working at achieving my goal.”

    -Stephanie, 10th Grade Dreamer

  • "Being a Dreamer means the world. It means any opportunity in my reach, I can reach it thanks to 'I Have A Dream.'"

    -Harleigh, Dreamer

  • "Being a Dreamer means to me that I have a freedom to pursue my own goals and reach beyond college, and have a successful career afterwards."

    -Beau, College Dreamer

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