How many days do I want in Moscow?

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How much is a prepare ticket in Russia?

Train fares in Russia aren’t particularly costly, though there have been significant worth rises over the previous few years. Moscow-St Petersburg on a prime-quality firmeny sleeper train corresponding to practice 1/2 Krasnaya Strela costs around 3,200 roubles.

How a lot is a prepare ticket from Moscow to St Petersburg?

The quickest prepare (“Sapsan” categorical) takes four hours and the practice ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg costs about €50 for a 2nd-class a technique ticket when you purchase it early (€60 to €a hundred for last-minute journeys). There are also about 10 overnight trains, which take about eight hours to journey.

Can you smoke on Russian trains?

Smoking just isn’t permitted on trains in Russia, and as much as 15 meters from any Railway Station entrance. Sometimes it’s still tolerated by attendants on some trains in between carriages, but the threat of a large nice is high.

Is Moscow costly?

Moscow is actually one of the world’s nice cities from a historical standpoint, however for tourists it’s still largely undiscovered. … Another problem the town has is that Moscow may be very expensive, even by most European standards. Hotels in the decrease categories can be reasonably priced, but standards tend to be equally low.