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The "I Have A Dream" Foundation is currently hiring for the following position:

Family Engagement and Program Coordinator (Milwaukee, WI)
Youth Engagement Program Specialist (Part-time; Milwaukee, WI)
Mentor Coordinator (Dallas, TX)

Notre Dame AmeriCorps Service Member (Various locations, coming soon!)




Our volunteers provide invaluable support. Are you interested in:

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Interning
  • Providing administrative services
  • Fundraising/PR
  • Technology
  • Your specialty here

Please share your talents with us! Contact one of our affiliates to learn how you can get involved with an "I Have A Dream" program in your local area, or reach out to us directly to lend your expertise at our national office in NYC.

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Interested in bringing the “I Have A Dream” Foundation to your community? "I Have A Dream" works because caring individuals and organizations are willing to share their experience, time, and resources to help young people achieve their dreams. For more information on bringing “I Have A Dream” Foundation to a community or neighborhood that you care deeply about, please visit our "Start a Program" page or contact our Chief Growth Officer, Lori Canova, at

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