Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the “I Have A Dream” Foundation start a program in my community?

Click here for information on how to start a program.

Q: You call your students “Dreamers.” Is this related at all to the DREAM Act? Does this mean your students are undocumented?

Our Founder Eugene M. Lang decided to call the first students he worked with “Dreamers,” to embody the hope and aspirations of this generation, and to emphasize the importance of creating opportunities for all children, regardless of socioeconomic status. While the DREAM act has led to the rise of another type of DREAMer over recent years, this is coincidental. While some of our students do have DACA status, this is not the case for all of our Dreamers.

Q: I saw a PSA for the “I Have A Dream” Foundation on CBS. What’s that about?

We are thrilled that CBS has chosen to feature the “I Have A Dream” Foundation in its CBS Cares public service announcement campaign. The PSAs, which began airing during the 2015 holiday season, bring much needed and deserved attention to our unique focus of working to ensure higher-education opportunities for low-income students across the country.

We are grateful to have talents like LL Cool J, Mayim Bialik, Luis Guzman, Jeff Probst, Shemar Moore, Tom Selleck, and Tea Leoni give their time to be featured in CBS Cares PSA campaign to support our foundation’s mission of putting the dream of a college education within reach for thousands of low-income students across the country.

Q: Do you provide college scholarships?

While we provide guaranteed tuition support for Dreamers (students in our programs), we start working with these students as early as Kindergarten and stay with the same group all the way through college. In other words, we do not currently provide college scholarships for students who are not already part of an “I Have A Dream” program. To learn more about the process for starting a program in your community, visit this page.