Corporate Partnerships

“I Have A Dream” Foundation's corporate partners come from industries of all shapes and sizes. All of our partners are vital to building our programs for lower income children, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions.

Partnering with "I Have A Dream" Foundation

“I Have A Dream” Foundation is the only not for profit in America that works with lower income children from Kindergarten with unbroken, year round support through College.

Our unique approach has proven extremely successful, leading to over 13,000 alumni from 200 programs across 16 locations since 1981 when founded by visionary entrepreneur Eugene Lang. The overwhelming majority represent the first person in their family to graduate college, generating an estimated $2.9 Billion in economic activity as a result of success in higher education leading to stronger earning power.

With our partners, we work toward positively addressing the unique and complex challenges facing children and their families while simultaneously creating value for partners’ businesses and brands. “I Have A Dream” Foundation also strives to design and executes national and local partnerships that achieve measurable outcomes for children, and we work hard to ensure that partner support is executed, measured and replicated with success for lasting local and national impact.

Cause Marketing Partnerships with "I Have A Dream" Foundation

With a dedicated corporate relationship manager, we develop unique partnership opportunities that intervene in children’s lives early – to redefine their futures and ours. Through our groundbreaking work in child education and social emotional support every day - for up to 16 years - we aim to give every child we work with in America the best chance for a lifetime of success.

Together we create opportunities that magnify the brands we work with while focusing on making lives better for the children we serve. It creates a win-win-win, where your company has positive CSR exposure, IHDF benefits from the relationship allowing us to do more, and the children receive vital support through the partnership revenues.

Who do we partner with? 

“I Have A Dream” Foundation partners with the private sector to drive innovation in product, process and services to address education and social support challenges for lower income children in the USA and their families.

Specifically, we work with:

  • Corporate Foundations to partner with our programs on the ground that bring about transformational change for children in education.
  • Employee giving departments in designating corporate contributions, workplace giving and matching gifts.
  • Marketing teams on cause-aligned campaigns and licensing programs that leverage the power of our combined brands and consumer reach.
  • Community Affairs and HR departments to craft opportunities for employee engagement at the local levels through single-day volunteerism and multi-month mentoring programs.
  • Industry coalitions on mutual areas of interest, bringing collective support to large-scale projects.

We continue to be grateful for the generosity and support of our current partners such as CBS Cares who, through their alignment with “I Have A Dream” Foundation, have helped to transform children’s lives, changing the course of their futures and ours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Employee Engagement with "I Have A Dream" Foundation

We offer employee engagement opportunities to complement corporate values, advance our partnership aspirations and ultimately achieve maximum impact for children. Together, we can transform children’s lives and the future we share.

Ideas for employee engagement include: 

  • Company-Wide Opportunities
  • Team-Based Opportunities
  • Individual Opportunities

For more information on partnering with “I Have A Dream” Foundation, contact Robert Thompson, Chief Development Officer, at or (646) 517-2669.