DREAM Accounts

Through our DREAM Accounts Program, students earn college savings account contributions by completing critical, grade-based academic and social milestones on the path to and through college.

  • Through our DREAM Accounts Program, students earn College Savings Account contributions by completing critical,
 grade-based academic and social milestones on the path to and through college
  • The DREAM Accounts Program reinforces a culture of college, provides families and Dreamers with financial literacy, education and offsets the costs of college tuition and supplies

Why are CSAs imporant?

Low & moderate income children with college savings between $1-$499 are 3x more likely to attend college & 4x more likely to graduate college.

What makes our program unique?

Provides a simple &
low cost vehicle for 
saving for a college 
Develops a college
 going mindset & 
increases motivation
for students & families
Reduces financial 
barriers to higher
Engages families & 
communities in college
 savings goals via 
linked account feature
Provides data &
 evidence to drive 
improved policies & 
practices at local, state 
& federal levels

Direct Impact

Systemic Impact


  • "Currently, I have a brother in college, and my mother is responsible for covering his tuition, room, meals, and any other fees. The CSA program will help to cover cost outside of my "I Have A Dream" scholarship. It is one less thing my mother and I need to worry about while Im in college."

    —Chelsea, 12th Grade Dreamer

  • "Now I can buy my own computer and other necessities without having to worry about my mother paying for them."

    —Jancalo, 12th Grade Dreamer

  • "Having a CSA account allows me to feel secure about the expenses that will occur when I am in college."

    —Joshua, 12th Grade Dreamer

  • "Having a CSA account takes a lot of pressure off my parents."

    —Derek, 12th Grade Dreamer

  • "The CSA account provides an opportunity for the Dreamers to learn the importance of a savings account and financial planning. The Dreamers can rest easy knowing that they are accruing money through their academic achievements and community service activities that can be used toward college supplies, textbooks and even laptop computers. This fund will allow the Dreamers to practice budgetary spending on a small scale, giving them useful skills that they can implement in the future."

    —Treston Lambert, Program Director, "I Have A Dream" Foundation - New York

  • "It means that my parents don't have to pay as much to afford the things that I cannot afford in college and that would go towards my success in college."

    Mei Yun, 12th Grade Dreamer

  • "I like “I Have A Dream” because they are making it a little more affordable to go to school by getting a college savings account started for me. I am happy I get to learn about the different colleges and get to visit them too. I am going to try to be my best so that I can go to college someday."

    Javonte, First Grade Dreamer

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