“I Have A Dream” Foundation Receives Grant from Cathay Bank

We are thrilled to announce that the “I Have A Dream” Foundation has received a $7,500 grant from Cathay Bank to fund our general operations. Cathay Bank awards grants to organizations that display leadership and vision, and provide tangible benefits to low- and moderate-income communities. “We want to thank Cathay Bank for recognizing us as a provider of innovative academic and social-emotional programs to students from some of the lowest income communities in the U.S.,” says Eugena Oh, President & CEO of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation. “This grant will support us as we continue to provide long-term, individualized support as we grow to serve even more Dreamers.”

The general operations support from the grant will help us grow key national programs, including the Dreamer to Dreamer college student mentoring program and the Dream Accounts Program, which provides College Savings Accounts to Dreamers and, eventually, other low-income students in the communities we serve. With this grant, we will continue to provide the long-term resources and support that have helped over 18,000 Dreamers get to and through college. Of the Dreamers we have supported over the past 36 years, 90% have graduated high school, compared to 70% of their low-income peers. In addition, Dreamers have earned bachelor’s degrees at over three times the rate of their peers from similar backgrounds. Cathay Bank’s generosity will surely impact the success of our Dreamers in the coming year.