Dreamer Alumni are connected to the “I Have A Dream” Foundation in a consistent and meaningful way that provides a community of support for Alumni as well as current Dreamers.

Who is a Part of the Dreamer Alumni Network?

All Dreamers in a cohort become a member of the Dreamer Alumni Network after their expected date of High School graduation.  For the first 6 years after becoming Alumni, the Dreamer Alumni fall into one of two categories: Pursuing Postsecondary Degree/Certificate (i.e. participating in IHDF Great Expectations & Post-Secondary Scholarships); or Pursuing Employment and Career.  For details regarding services provided during the first 6 years after becoming a Dreamer Alum, please refer to the Postsecondary Success section.

Communication Strategy

IHDF maintains a communication strategy to effectively collect data, share information, and connect Alumni with each other.  The communication strategy includes:

  • The National Dreamer Alumni Newsletter produced and distributed twice annually
  • The National Dreamer Alumni Survey conducted once annually
  • The National Dreamer Database kept up-to-date with basic contact information, academic achievement data, and employment information

Alumni Councils

The organization endeavors to support a National Alumni Council and help to facilitate the creation of local Alumni Councils in coordination with IHDF affiliates.  Each Alumni Council consists of a group of approximately 8-12 dedicated Dreamer Alumni.  The Alumni Councils generally are tasked with the following objectives:

  • Provide leadership to organize Alumni Network initiatives
  • Give guidance and advice to IHDF, potentially via representation on Boards of Directors
  • Facilitate the continuity and sustainability of the Alumni Network

Alumni Network Programming

While specific initiatives are guided by the self-defined priorities of the national and local alumni councils, the National “I Have A Dream” Foundation supports programming in the following areas:

  • Alumni networking and social activities
  • Community service and volunteering with current Dreamers
  • Facilitating internship and employment opportunities
  • Leadership development