The Dreamer Dedication Ceremony is an opportunity for the entire community to celebrate the launch of a ten+ year collaboration to promote and support each Dreamer class. The ceremony is typically held at the high school the Dreamers will attend and begins with a family celebration. Serving food or a celebratory cake is a great way to mark the occasion!

The ceremony provides an opportunity for Dreamers, families, sponsors, partners, school personnel to hear from the Dreamers as express their dreams and goals for the future. Where possible, it is also a great opportunity for past Dreamers and Dreamer parents to speak about their experience.  

The Dedication Ceremony is best planned by a committee composed of the CEO or Executive Director, member(s) of the development and program staffs, sponsors, and any interested volunteers. Program staff will prepare Dreamers for the ceremony and act as the primary liaison(s) at the high school. They may also coordinate any parent volunteers and parent/alumni speakers.  

Access a Sample Event Checklist

Access a Sample Agenda (Program in English and Spanish)

Sample Invitation and Event Materials


Book Recommendations: 

You Will Do Great Things, Amerie 

Oh, The Places You’ll Go, Dr. Suess

The Wind May Blow, Sasha Quinton 

The Wonderful Things You Will Be, Emily Winfield Martin