Academic Success

  • Dreamer maintains a school attendance record of 90% or better
  • Dreamer achieves grade level ELA & Math proficiency
  • Dreamer demonstrates age-appropriate learning, time management and study skills
  • Dreamer maintains a GPA at or above 3.0
  • Dreamer meets benchmarks for common post-secondary entrance exams (e.g. PSAT, SAT, ACT)
  • Dreamer obtains a High School diploma
  • Dreamer matriculates into a well-matched post-secondary program the semester following HS graduation
  • Dreamer has earned the expected number of credits at the end of the first year of post-secondary study
  • Dreamer completes a post-secondary program within two years of expected graduation date

Financial Literacy Skills and Resources for Post-Secondary Education

  • Dreamer understands budgeting and personal finance concepts
  • Dreamer demonstrates knowledge of the financial requirements to enter and complete a post-secondary program
  • Dreamer receives tuition support to assure and ensure access to his/her/their post-secondary educational path

Strong Support Networks

  • Dreamer can identify at least one adult, non-family member who s/he/they would feel comfortable turning to for support
  • Dreamer believes that s/he has a home or community that is supportive of his/her/their post-secondary education goals
  • Dreamer participates in at least one extracurricular (academic, professional, social, athletic or community) activity each semester while enrolled in a post-secondary program

Social & Emotional Life Skills

  • Dreamer demonstrates a growth mindset
  • Dreamer possesses academic self confidence
  • Dreamer has the grit to navigate challenging circumstances
  • Dreamer shows social competence