As nonprofit corporations, all IHDF Affiliates are required to have a Board of Directors. Since volumes have been written on the structure, organi­zation, and behavioral dynamics of Boards of Directors, the infor­mation here focuses specifically on boards in the context of “I Have A Dream.” 

The minimum number of board members is determined by state law and varies according to the size of the Affiliate. IHDF boards are typically small; three directors is a common requirement. For many IHDF Programs, the board includes the initial funders or members of the Expansion Committee. At local IHDF Affiliates where multiple cohorts have been established, boards are usually larger and include a representative from each of them. 

IHDF seeks to build boards with voices from the communities we serve and believe this can be accomplished with broad-based collab­orative efforts to raise funds and long-term community part­nership.










Forming an expansion committee

Establishing a Board

Choosing a community

How to assess core program sites & partnerships

Identifying & Working with Community Partners

Service Learning

Inspire the Dream Mentorship Initiative