The “I Have A Dream”® Foundation (IHDF) and its federated affiliations of local 501(c)(3) organizations is working to transform the lives of young people, through the power of preparation for and success in higher education. “I Have A Dream” Foundations are united by a common vision of a world where every child has equal access to the educational and career opportunities  that  will ignite their innate potential. The “I Have A Dream” Foundation  works to empower  children from low-income communities to succeed in school, college, and career by providing academic, social and emotional support from elementary school through college, along with postsecondary tuition assistance.

The following policies set forth the responsibilities of an affiliation with the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, empowering use of the name and service mark. The national structure enforces the policies amongst affiliate organizations, assists affiliates in adhering to the policies, assists in the establishment of new “I Have A Dream” Foundations, and provides services to further the purposes of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation.

When an organization is affiliated with the “I Have A Dream”, the organization has the right to be identified with the national “I Have A Dream” Foundation, the right to receive services from the national “I Have A Dream” Foundation, and the right to participate in and vote in the activities of the Affiliate Leadership Council.

Policy 1 I Non- Profit Corporate Status

Each “I Have A Dream” Foundation affiliate is organized as a 501(c)(3) public charitable non-profit corporation in its domicile state.

Policy 2 I Board of Directors

Each “I Have A Dream” Foundation affiliate has a legally compliant Board of Directors.

Policy 3 I Business Operations

Each “I Have A Dream” Foundation affiliate has established finances and operations for viability, with the goal to support sustained programming.

Each affiliate must maintain an annual budget, pay annual licensing fees and comply with annual financial filings as required by law. Each affiliate must secure documented background clearances for any adult with regular contact with Dreamers.

Policy 4 I Programming

Each “I Have A Dream” Foundation affiliate will advance  programs  designed  to  ensure that youth served by IHDF programs (“Dreamers”) will be well-equipped to succeed in post-secondary education and beyond, laying the foundation to live above the poverty line. All Dreamers who graduate from high school will have tuition support for postsecondary education.

Each affiliate must design and deliver programming in adherence to the eight core components of “I Have A Dream” Foundation programs:

  1. Long Term Engagement
  2. Outcomes-focused (aligned with academic, social, emotional and other outcomes defined in the National IHDF Dreamer Outcomes & Indicators document)
  3. Tuition Assistance
  4. Low-Income Participants
  5. Inclusive Programming
  6. Consistent Adult Relationship
  7. Family Engagement
  8.   Service Learning

Policy 5 I Participation in the “I Have A Dream” Foundation National Network

Each “I Have A Dream” Foundation affiliate must adhere to the “I Have A Dream” Foundation Branding and Marketing standards. “I Have A Dream” Foundation will work to promote and protect the integrity of the “I Have A Dream” brand.

Each “I Have A Dream” Foundation affiliate will make best efforts to fully participate in “I Have A Dream” Foundation national activities, including but not limited to, the annual Dreamer and Staff conferences, the Affiliate Leadership Council, best practices sharing, technical assistance opportunities, and other activities and opportunities developed by the national “I Have A Dream” Foundation from time to time.

Policy 6 I Performance Measurement

Each “I Have A Dream” Foundation affiliate is required to participate in network performance measurement  practices  as communicated by the national “I Have A Dream” Foundation  office. Our Network Quality Standards can be found here.