The National “I Have A Dream” Foundation is committed to ensuring our Affiliates become and remain thriving and sustaining nonprofit organizations that achieve consistently strong outcomes with Dreamers. Through their membership in the “I Have A Dream” Network, IHDF Affiliates receive access to resources, conferences, programs, and partnerships. These benefits are outlined in our Menu of National Services

Key highlights of these services include: 

Operations, Governance, & Fundraising

  • Membership in our Affiliate Leadership Council
  • AmeriCorps Program
  • membership
  • Collective Fundraising
  • Conference Scholarships
  • Dream Builders Consulting
  • Foundation Directory Online
  • Marketing & Communications Toolkit
  • National Fundraising Campaigns
  • National Grants Program
  • National Staff Conference
  • Onboarding

Programming, Data, & Evaluation

  • Building the Dream Internship Program
  • Building Wellness Program
  • DREAM Accounts Program
  • Dream UP summer college immersion conference
  • Dreamer Scholars Critical Needs Program
  • Dreamer Service Learning Program
  • Inspire the Dream Mentoring Program
  • NCAN Membership
  • NPEA Membership
  • OppNet Career Fluency
  • Outcomes Reporting, Data Analysis & Benchmarking
  • SAT Fee Waivers
  • Surveying