Affiliate Startup Playbook

Congratulations for taking the first step in recognizing the value of equitable access to education for all—and thank you for your efforts to bring “I Have A Dream” into your community! Below, you will find resources that will help you in the process of establishing your new affiliate.

Part 1: Overview

About “I Have A Dream”

Mission & Vision
Our “Why”
Our Work
Our Impact
What makes us unique?
Our Current Network
Our National Team
Key Terms and Definitions

Part 2: Getting Started

Starting a Program

Overview & Steps
What do you need to start a program?
How to assess a community
Forming an expansion committee
Different Strategies for implementing the “I Have A Dream” Model
How to assess core program sites & partnerships
Post-Secondary Scholarship Support
Budgeting for a program
Policies & Quality Standards
Menu of National Services
Fundraising to launch a program


Technical Steps to Starting an Affiliate

Overview & Steps
Affiliate Formation & Governance
Establishing a Board
Staffing for an Affiliate
Recruiting Volunteers
Identifying & working with community partners


Part 3: Operating & Growing a Program

Launching & Running an Affiliate/Program

Risk & Compliance
Enrollment Policies/Enrolling Dreamer Scholars
Dedication Ceremony

Building A Successful Program

Building Relationships & Trust with Dreamer Scholars & their Families/Caregivers
Building a Dreamer Scholar Culture & Connecting to National Program
Intensive Case Management & Partnership Coordination

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