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Alumni Registry

Scott Gilmour
Auckland, NZ

Scott Gilmour, a businessman and entrepreneur, first learned of the "I Have A Dream" program when he was working in Portland, OR. He was so compelled by the program that he brought it back to his home country, New Zealand.

"My wife, Mary, and I have had huge enjoyment from seeing our own four kids try out new experiences, learn new skills, make mistakes, build new friendships, visit exciting places, etc. as they've grown up. The great news is that we now get to share that exciting journey with another 53 wonderful young people!

"My hope for the Dreamers is that they will continue to relish discovering the many joys, challenges, and opportunities of growing up in this great country, and prepare themselves to take on all of the challenges, and opportunities available in the wider world."

Noel Ginsburg
Denver, CO

Noel Ginsburg, President and Founder of Intertech Plastics in Denver, was inpired to start an "I Have A Dream" program in his community after seeing the 1986 60 Minutes segment on Eugene M. Lang. 

"The best part is...watching these kids grow up and overcome obstacles. Mostly the little things - like watching a kid who'd been called stupid, then diagnosed as dyslexic, learn to read."

Richard Morehead
Chicago, IL

Abbott Labs executive Dick Morehead helped start the "I Have A Dream" Program in North Chicago. His church decided to establish a community-based organization to run the program, allowing him to focus on the administration and management.

"The most rewarding part has been seeing Dreamers progress. Knowing we're having an impact. Also seeing volunteers learn what it means to be born in a different zip code, become more educated on public and social issues, and become more informed voters."

Dany Garcia
Miami, FL

Dany Garcia, Founder & CEO, JDM Partners, LLC, recently sponsored a Dreamer class in Miami.  

"I absolutely believe that providing long-term education and social support to children will not only change their future, but the lives of those around them as well as their own future children. The opportunity to encourage the children to dream and then show them that 'Yes, you can achieve these dreams, and we will help you,' is an amazing experience, and I am grateful to be a part of it as a Sponsor."

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To learn more about starting an "I Have A Dream" program, contact us at (212) 293-5480 or e-mail us at info@ihaveadreamfoundation.org.

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